Why Enter Student Art Contests?

Student art contests can help with exposure of upcoming artists

There is no doubt that art contests have long held an important place in the art world. Student art contests have helped mold artists and allowed them to display their work among their peers, have it critiqued by notable judges and secure important exposure and even potential access to future exhibition opportunities. Moreover, student art competitions are quite famous for discovering emerging artists at the verge of launching their successful careers. Be it a local art contest, a school sponsored event or a national contest, getting your work viewed by the public and your peers is the best way to take your art to the next step.

History of Student Art Contests

During the 17th century student art contests are held at the Palazzo Mancini in Rome

As far back as the 5th century BC, Pliny the elder recounts in the Natural History that a famous Greek painter by the name of Zeuxis along with a contemporary painter by the name of Parrhasius entered into an art contest to determine who among them was better. In the 17th century France, during Louis XIV reign, the Royal Academy of Painting and Sculpture held the famous Prix de Rome, where the successful artist gets to stay for several years in the famous and grand Palazzo Mancini in Rome. Quite an honor at the time.

Advantages of Joining Student Art Contests

Student art contests allow budding artists to display their work among their peers. All experts in the art world agree in unison that the only way to push yourself, as an artist is to have your work displayed and reviewed. The feedback you get is going to be invaluable as it can give you new insight on the work you produce along with future ones you intend to do. When entering an art competition you are thereby also forced to evaluate the quality of the work you make in an objective manner so as to determine where it belongs in the art world. In order to achieve success in this field, your work needs to be categorized accurately so it can be submitted to competitions where it is pertinent in terms of media, style, theme and color. Moreover, you will have to select also the order of the images submitted so as to ensure that the judges get to see the most strongest pieces.

Getting your works curated at student art contests will boost your confidence as an artist

By joining MyHero student art contest you can get your art in front of curators, editors and art gallery owners who can have a positive impact on your career as an artist. Placing your work in a public venue can provide it with enough visibility to take it to the next level. Winners of student art contests get enough exposure to have their work possibly promoted by a gallery or get enough online buzz to have it critiqued by other artists and curators.

Student art contests and art competitions offer a highly effective forum that allows “undiscovered” talent the opportunity to have the artwork reviewed in the most cost-effective manner. Meaning, art contests let you display work without having to go through a costly exhibition. By participating in competitions, you have the opportunity to reach an audience for your work as well as begin the foundation to expose you on how to market and sell your art if you intend to take it to the next level.

https://youtu.be/TAZ82olxjJYRegardless of whether you win or lose, the experience alone is invaluable. If your work is selected then you gain exposure if not you gain experience on how to better your art. Therefore, making your entry the best that it can be will need some soul searching and analyzing, practice the skills needed to let you present yourself well to others. Do not be discouraged if your work is not noticed, it is a great opportunity nevertheless to show and express the work you have done.