What to Expect from Reputable Tattoo Shops

A tattoo shop artist finishing up an arm

So you have decided to get that intricate Japanese tattoo. Now the only problem is to find some good tattoo shops and select the right one for the job. Tattooing is a complicated process that requires commitment on your part and skill and artistry on the part of the tattoo artist. It is important that you get a good idea on what to expect from reputable tattoo shops so you can easily spot the wrong ones and avoid them.

Is The Tattoo Shop Accommodating?

Tattooing is an intimate process. You are allowing another person to place permanent ink at different areas or specific areas of your body. This means that you and the tattoo artist need to click or else the experience may not be that good. A reputable tattoo shop such as Japanese tattoo shops in Madison will encourage their clients to ask questions and answer them appropriately. If you feel the tattoo shops are not interested to answer your concerns then by all means skip to the next one on your list.

Cleanliness and Hygiene Of Tattoo Shops

Take note of the cleanliness of tattoo shopsUniversal standard precautions needs to be practiced by everyone that handles needles and uses them to puncture the skin. Tattoo artists should be wearing sterile latex gloves at all times during the process. This is standard hygiene practice vital to prevent contamination and spread of dangerous bacteria and viruses on open skin. The use of gloves is both for the protection of you and the artist. If you notice a tattoo artist being cavalier in his methods by avoiding to wear gloves or worse, wear the same gloves he used on another customer on someone else, that is wrong and you should report him to the proper authorities.

Correct Sterilizing Equipment Of Tattoo Shops

Ask tattoo shops how they sterilize their needlesThis is pretty standard for tattoo shops to have. They need to have an autoclave for sterilizing tubes and grips as well as any other non-disposable equipment they use on their clients. Do not be convinced that the tattoo shop is boiling their equipment. This will not kill the most lethal bacteria. The tattoo shop should have an autoclave equipment used for sterilizing properly tools and or disposable items that can easily discarded after use.

Expect New Sterile Needles

Expect new needles to be used in tattoo shopsTattooing requires piercing of the skin and ink being instilled on the skin. This means the needle is exposed to bodily fluid like blood, which can carry hepatitis or HIV. All needles used for your tattooing session need to come from sealed containers, opened in front of you and disposed in correct hazardous material disposal bins. This is non negotiable. Demand that you see them prepare the equipment to be used in front of you.

Degree of Training and Experience Of Tattoo Shops

Ask tattoo shops of their expertise and experienceThere are some tattoos like traditional Japanese tattoos that require training and knowledge for correct placement on the body. Japanese tattoos are rich in symbolism, history and culture. The images in this kind of tattoos cannot just be placed on any body part as doing so can violate cultural norm and tradition. Make sure that the tattoo artist you have selected respects this.