Home Renovation Projects with Amazing Returns

Home renovation about to start

Hesitant to pull the trigger on that home renovation projects that you’ve planning for some time now? If the answer is yes, a lot of it probably is fear of having to spend a lot of money without seeing a good return on it. Fear no more, as here are some renovation projects to consider from Milano Dezign of Ellicott City, MD that have good returns on your equity.

Renovate Your Home Landscaping

landscaping as a home renovation projectIf you want good curb appeal, then you have to do something about that thing you call your front yard. The kitchen is not the only place where big returns are. If you have a front yard that has seen better days, it won’t matter if your kitchen is perfect as any passing potential homebuyer might just skip your house the moment they see the mess that is your landscaping. Go for a basic landscape upgrade that includes planting of flowering shrubs, addition of a 15-foot deciduous tree, installation of a flagstone walkway, a couple of 6×2 stone planters and lastly, fresh mulch.

Repair the Roof As One Of Your Home Renovation Projects

roof maintenance as home renovation projectThis is a no-brainer especially if you often find yourself looking for buckets each time the weather goes bad. If you are not sure that you have a bad roof, signs to look for include: missing shingles, or covered with moss and curled up, presence of gritty bits from asphalt shingles that come down from the downspout, you see the sun shining through your attic, presence of stains on the walls and ceilings and high utility bills. Don’t wait for the roof to cave-in. Have it repaired ASAP.

Install Hardwood Flooring

installing hardwood floors are another home renovation you want to considerIf you turn on the TV and instantly see the flooring of your home in a retro show from the 1980s then maybe its time to have some renovations done. Don’t fret as the answer is hardwood flooring. Not only is it timeless but also has universal appeal. To get some ideas for hardwood flooring, check out Home Renovations on Instagram.

Install a Deck or Patio

Everyone loves entertaining and what better way to enjoy entertaining your guests over barbecue than a nice patio or deck? Not only will you reclaim some unused or under-utilized space, you instantly increase your home’s value.

Replace the Old Garage Door

If your garage door has seen better days, then maybe its time for a new one. Installing a fresh garage door not only increases curb appeal but also provides a slew of beneficial features for you and the home. You get better security, better safety features and better outdoor appearance.