Use Abu Garcia Coupons to Save Money on Fishing Rods

Abu Garcia Coupons for Rods and Reels

Choosing a good fishing rod is a challenging task because so many choices exist. Fortunately, you can sieve through these choices by examining the qualities of each rod. For instance, a lightweight fishing rod is better than a weighty one because handling it is easy. Here are some Abu Garcia fishing rods that you ought to consider.

The Veritas Casting Rod

This Veritas casting rod has an increased level of comfort because of improved balance. It has a lightweight as well. For example, Abu Garcia used graphite to make it. More specifically, they constructed it with 30-ton graphite giving it excellent properties such as extreme sensitivity. It also has a greater recoil force than fiberglass rods. More importantly, graphite, which is a form of carbon, is a lightweight material.

This casting rod is also an ideal choice for you because it has titanium alloy guides. Titanium is a strong, stiff, and low-density metal used in various applications including aerospace structures. Using this metal to make these rods ensures that they are strong and they last for a long time. These titanium guides have Zirconium inserts to maintain the lightweight nature of the rod.

The Ike Signature Casting Rod

The research behind the development of Ike Signature Rods took three years. Mike Iaconelli, an expert bass angler, put a lot of heart into it along with members of staff at Abu Garcia. The result was terrific. The result was a casting rod that encourages the signature moves Iaconelli makes while he is fishing. It has other unique features as well.

For example, it has a Fuji real seat for enhanced comfort. It also has a polymer material that is light in weight in addition to being durable. Its high performance reduces the fatigue that an angler experiences while he is fishing. Another quality is that it has stainless steel guides, which means that the guides have enhanced resistance to corrosion.

The Villain 2.0 Casting Rod

Abu Garcia made this one from 40-ton graphite, unlike the Veritas Casting Rod that they made from 30-ton graphite. That means it is lighter than the Veritas Casting Rod is. That is one of its most impressive qualities. However, it has titanium alloy guides with Zirconium inserts just as the Veritas Casting Rod has. These features enhance its balance.

Interestingly, this casting rod is similar to the Ike Signature Casting Rod because it has a Fuji reel seat. Another impressive quality is an added level of strength because Abu Garcia made it with a carbon V-wrap process. Unsurprisingly, these combined features mean that the Villain Casting Rod is more expensive than the Veritas and Ike Signature rod are.

The Vendetta Spinning Rod

Abu Garcia made this rod with high-density Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA). EVA has many beneficial properties including flexibility, resistance to erosion, and a high friction coefficient. It resists UV radiation as well. EVA looks good as well. For example, it has a perfect gloss. It is also durable. These qualities made it ideal for spinning rod where sensitivity is critical.

The Vendetta Spinning Rod has an excellent design as well. More specifically, it has a contour curve design handle making it perfect for holding as you fish. To improve its durability without adding any weight to it, Abu Garcia used IntraCarbon technology to provide a lightweight barrier. Moreover, the company designed it with extreme exposure reel seat to increase sensitivity.

The Fantasista Premier Spinning Rod

This spinning rod is one of the most expensive rods produced by Abu Garcia. The features justify its price. For example, it has a 3M Powerlux 500 resign system for a thin and ultra-light blank construction. This system allows for fracture resistance and superior impact. It also has a tetra-axial carbon construction that enhances its strength and durability.

It is worth noting that the Fantasista Premier has a five-year warranty unless most rods produced by Abu Garcia. More specifically, they usually have a three-year warranty. However, the Fantasista Premier is similar to other rods as well. For example, it has titanium alloy guides and Zirconium inserts. These guides and inserts make it lighter than other rods produced by other companies.


As you can now tell, Abu Garcia makes the best fishing rods in the industry. Unfortunately, the price might be a bit prohibitive for many people. Therefore, opting for Abu Garcia coupons from Coupon Dad to reduce the cash you have to pay for one of these fishing rods is an excellent idea. Click on this link,, to get these coupons.