Why Enter Student Art Contests?

Student art contests can help with exposure of upcoming artists

There is no doubt that art contests have long held an important place in the art world. Student art contests have helped mold artists and allowed them to display their work among their peers, have it critiqued by notable judges and secure important exposure and even potential access to future exhibition opportunities. Moreover, student art competitions are quite famous for discovering emerging artists at the verge of launching their successful careers. Be it a local art contest, a school sponsored event or a national contest, getting your work viewed by the public and your peers is the best way to take your art to the next step.

History of Student Art Contests

During the 17th century student art contests are held at the Palazzo Mancini in Rome

As far back as the 5th century BC, Pliny the elder recounts in the Natural History that a famous Greek painter by the name of Zeuxis along with a contemporary painter by the name of Parrhasius entered into an art contest to determine who among them was better. In the 17th century France, during Louis XIV reign, the Royal Academy of Painting and Sculpture held the famous Prix de Rome, where the successful artist gets to stay for several years in the famous and grand Palazzo Mancini in Rome. Quite an honor at the time.

Advantages of Joining Student Art Contests

Student art contests allow budding artists to display their work among their peers. All experts in the art world agree in unison that the only way to push yourself, as an artist is to have your work displayed and reviewed. The feedback you get is going to be invaluable as it can give you new insight on the work you produce along with future ones you intend to do. When entering an art competition you are thereby also forced to evaluate the quality of the work you make in an objective manner so as to determine where it belongs in the art world. In order to achieve success in this field, your work needs to be categorized accurately so it can be submitted to competitions where it is pertinent in terms of media, style, theme and color. Moreover, you will have to select also the order of the images submitted so as to ensure that the judges get to see the most strongest pieces.

Getting your works curated at student art contests will boost your confidence as an artist

By joining MyHero student art contest you can get your art in front of curators, editors and art gallery owners who can have a positive impact on your career as an artist. Placing your work in a public venue can provide it with enough visibility to take it to the next level. Winners of student art contests get enough exposure to have their work possibly promoted by a gallery or get enough online buzz to have it critiqued by other artists and curators.

Student art contests and art competitions offer a highly effective forum that allows “undiscovered” talent the opportunity to have the artwork reviewed in the most cost-effective manner. Meaning, art contests let you display work without having to go through a costly exhibition. By participating in competitions, you have the opportunity to reach an audience for your work as well as begin the foundation to expose you on how to market and sell your art if you intend to take it to the next level.

https://youtu.be/TAZ82olxjJYRegardless of whether you win or lose, the experience alone is invaluable. If your work is selected then you gain exposure if not you gain experience on how to better your art. Therefore, making your entry the best that it can be will need some soul searching and analyzing, practice the skills needed to let you present yourself well to others. Do not be discouraged if your work is not noticed, it is a great opportunity nevertheless to show and express the work you have done.

Garage Door Installations in Minneapolis – Tips & Tricks

If you have a garage door that is more than 2 decades old then it is high time to consider a replacement. A new garage door installation in Minneapolis can bring a lot of benefits in terms of utility and safety. Not only will you have a better door but your home value will also go up because it increases your curb appeal. Here are some steps on the best way to install a new garage door for your home.

Garage Door Installation in Minneapolis Solution #1 Tension Release

The first step in the process should you want to go DIY on this project is to release the tension on the door. Begin by clamping the adjustable locking pliers on the torsion spring shaft and wedge the pliers against the header wall above the door. Next step is to insert a steel rod into one of the holes in the spring winding cone. Take note that there are 4 holes available that are used for tightening and loosening. Hold tightly on the rod and then loosen the setscrews that keep the winding cone in its place. Utilize the steel rods in order to loosen the spring one-quarter turn at a time. Make sure to alternate the two rods, using one to hold the cone steady and the other to turn the cone after the first rod is removed.

Garage Door Installation in Minneapolis Solution #2 Disconnect the Current Opener and Door

Once you have released the tension, the next step in the process is to disconnect the existing garage door opener from the door. Start by removing the door panels. Top panel first and then remove the hinges connected to the panel. Take extra caution if there is glass involved. Next is to disconnect the track by simply unscrewing or unbolting it from the doorframe. If you are considering replacing the automatic door opener as well, remove the opener’s track from above and then remove the opener.

Garage Door Installation in Minneapolis Solution #3 Door Panel Installation

The next step in this garage door installation in Minneapolis is to install the new door. If you are installing a door for a 2-car garage it is recommended to install a reinforcing bar on the top panel so as to prevent the door from bowing in the center. Make sure that the bar is centered on the pilot. Then drill holes in order to secure the bar with screws. Next step is attaching hinges to the top of each panel. A lot of new garage doors are equipped with pilot holes already drilled into place by the maker of the door. Attach axles to the base of the bottom panel and to the top of the top panel. Install the bottom panel into the door opening. Hold the panel upright by driving a nail into the wall next to the panel and then bending it over to hold the panel in place. Do make sure that it is level prior to connecting the next panel.

Connect the next panel on top of the first one. Check that the groove of the upper panel is resting on the ridge of the lower panel. Just repeat the process until all of the panels are in their place. The last panel needs to extend one inch or so past the top of the door opening.


Garage Door Installation in Minneapolis Solution #4 Secure the Hinges and Install the Track

From within the garage, secure the top half of each hinge to the panel above. Place the wheeled axles into the side hinges and the top and bottom axle supports. Start installing the track by attaching brackets to the vertical track pieces. Read the instruction manual in order to ensure that you are installing the brackets in the right places. Once the brackets are attached, place them against the wall and make sure the wheels lie properly in the track. Connect the door cable to the hook on the bottom panel axle support prior to connecting the bottom bracket to the wall.

Garage Door Installation in Minneapolis Solution #5 Connect the Spring Assembly to the Track

garage door installation in Minneapolis

Attach the pieces to support the spring assembly and connect them to the track. Rest the curved part of the track on the vertical piece that you installed prior and then attach the other end to the ceiling bracket. Just reuse the same ceiling supports.

Bolt Tracks

Connect the horizontal track to the vertical track. Drill a hole through the horizontal track in order to line up with the vertical track. Use the holes in the vertical track in order to determine where to drill the hole.

Install The Springs

Look for the center of the opening and mark it on the door header. Connect the spring anchors to the spring and then attach the spring locking cone. Bolt the two springs properly in order to maintain the header bracket.

Torsion Rod and Pulleys Installation

Slide the torsion rod into the holes in the side header brackets. Check to see if the rod is secure and then connect the pulleys to each end of the rod. Attach the center header bracket to the center mark on the header.

Connect the Cable

From below bring the cable up and connect it to the pulley wheel on both sides. Turn the wheel to reduce slack over the pulley from the door side and then slide the wheel to the header bracket and then tighten them securely.

Tighten the Springs

Use the steel rods in order to tighten the spring by reversing and loosening it. Check with the owner’s manual in order to learn how many times you need to tighten it. When the correct tension is achieved, tighten the bolts in the anchor in order to lock it in place and then remove the pliers from the torsion rod.

What to Expect from Reputable Tattoo Shops

A tattoo shop artist finishing up an arm

So you have decided to get that intricate Japanese tattoo. Now the only problem is to find some good tattoo shops and select the right one for the job. Tattooing is a complicated process that requires commitment on your part and skill and artistry on the part of the tattoo artist. It is important that you get a good idea on what to expect from reputable tattoo shops so you can easily spot the wrong ones and avoid them.

Is The Tattoo Shop Accommodating?

Tattooing is an intimate process. You are allowing another person to place permanent ink at different areas or specific areas of your body. This means that you and the tattoo artist need to click or else the experience may not be that good. A reputable tattoo shop such as Japanese tattoo shops in Madison will encourage their clients to ask questions and answer them appropriately. If you feel the tattoo shops are not interested to answer your concerns then by all means skip to the next one on your list.

Cleanliness and Hygiene Of Tattoo Shops

Take note of the cleanliness of tattoo shopsUniversal standard precautions needs to be practiced by everyone that handles needles and uses them to puncture the skin. Tattoo artists should be wearing sterile latex gloves at all times during the process. This is standard hygiene practice vital to prevent contamination and spread of dangerous bacteria and viruses on open skin. The use of gloves is both for the protection of you and the artist. If you notice a tattoo artist being cavalier in his methods by avoiding to wear gloves or worse, wear the same gloves he used on another customer on someone else, that is wrong and you should report him to the proper authorities.

Correct Sterilizing Equipment Of Tattoo Shops

Ask tattoo shops how they sterilize their needlesThis is pretty standard for tattoo shops to have. They need to have an autoclave for sterilizing tubes and grips as well as any other non-disposable equipment they use on their clients. Do not be convinced that the tattoo shop is boiling their equipment. This will not kill the most lethal bacteria. The tattoo shop should have an autoclave equipment used for sterilizing properly tools and or disposable items that can easily discarded after use.

Expect New Sterile Needles

Expect new needles to be used in tattoo shopsTattooing requires piercing of the skin and ink being instilled on the skin. This means the needle is exposed to bodily fluid like blood, which can carry hepatitis or HIV. All needles used for your tattooing session need to come from sealed containers, opened in front of you and disposed in correct hazardous material disposal bins. This is non negotiable. Demand that you see them prepare the equipment to be used in front of you.

Degree of Training and Experience Of Tattoo Shops

Ask tattoo shops of their expertise and experienceThere are some tattoos like traditional Japanese tattoos that require training and knowledge for correct placement on the body. Japanese tattoos are rich in symbolism, history and culture. The images in this kind of tattoos cannot just be placed on any body part as doing so can violate cultural norm and tradition. Make sure that the tattoo artist you have selected respects this.

Use Abu Garcia Coupons to Save Money on Fishing Rods

Abu Garcia Coupons for Rods and Reels

Choosing a good fishing rod is a challenging task because so many choices exist. Fortunately, you can sieve through these choices by examining the qualities of each rod. For instance, a lightweight fishing rod is better than a weighty one because handling it is easy. Here are some Abu Garcia fishing rods that you ought to consider.

The Veritas Casting Rod

This Veritas casting rod has an increased level of comfort because of improved balance. It has a lightweight as well. For example, Abu Garcia used graphite to make it. More specifically, they constructed it with 30-ton graphite giving it excellent properties such as extreme sensitivity. It also has a greater recoil force than fiberglass rods. More importantly, graphite, which is a form of carbon, is a lightweight material.

This casting rod is also an ideal choice for you because it has titanium alloy guides. Titanium is a strong, stiff, and low-density metal used in various applications including aerospace structures. Using this metal to make these rods ensures that they are strong and they last for a long time. These titanium guides have Zirconium inserts to maintain the lightweight nature of the rod.

The Ike Signature Casting Rod

The research behind the development of Ike Signature Rods took three years. Mike Iaconelli, an expert bass angler, put a lot of heart into it along with members of staff at Abu Garcia. The result was terrific. The result was a casting rod that encourages the signature moves Iaconelli makes while he is fishing. It has other unique features as well.

For example, it has a Fuji real seat for enhanced comfort. It also has a polymer material that is light in weight in addition to being durable. Its high performance reduces the fatigue that an angler experiences while he is fishing. Another quality is that it has stainless steel guides, which means that the guides have enhanced resistance to corrosion.

The Villain 2.0 Casting Rod

Abu Garcia made this one from 40-ton graphite, unlike the Veritas Casting Rod that they made from 30-ton graphite. That means it is lighter than the Veritas Casting Rod is. That is one of its most impressive qualities. However, it has titanium alloy guides with Zirconium inserts just as the Veritas Casting Rod has. These features enhance its balance.

Interestingly, this casting rod is similar to the Ike Signature Casting Rod because it has a Fuji reel seat. Another impressive quality is an added level of strength because Abu Garcia made it with a carbon V-wrap process. Unsurprisingly, these combined features mean that the Villain Casting Rod is more expensive than the Veritas and Ike Signature rod are.

The Vendetta Spinning Rod

Abu Garcia made this rod with high-density Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA). EVA has many beneficial properties including flexibility, resistance to erosion, and a high friction coefficient. It resists UV radiation as well. EVA looks good as well. For example, it has a perfect gloss. It is also durable. These qualities made it ideal for spinning rod where sensitivity is critical.

The Vendetta Spinning Rod has an excellent design as well. More specifically, it has a contour curve design handle making it perfect for holding as you fish. To improve its durability without adding any weight to it, Abu Garcia used IntraCarbon technology to provide a lightweight barrier. Moreover, the company designed it with extreme exposure reel seat to increase sensitivity.

The Fantasista Premier Spinning Rod

This spinning rod is one of the most expensive rods produced by Abu Garcia. The features justify its price. For example, it has a 3M Powerlux 500 resign system for a thin and ultra-light blank construction. This system allows for fracture resistance and superior impact. It also has a tetra-axial carbon construction that enhances its strength and durability.

It is worth noting that the Fantasista Premier has a five-year warranty unless most rods produced by Abu Garcia. More specifically, they usually have a three-year warranty. However, the Fantasista Premier is similar to other rods as well. For example, it has titanium alloy guides and Zirconium inserts. These guides and inserts make it lighter than other rods produced by other companies.


As you can now tell, Abu Garcia makes the best fishing rods in the industry. Unfortunately, the price might be a bit prohibitive for many people. Therefore, opting for Abu Garcia coupons from Coupon Dad to reduce the cash you have to pay for one of these fishing rods is an excellent idea. Click on this link, https://www.coupondad.net/coupons/stores/abu-garcia/, to get these coupons.

Tips on Debt Management


Erase all debts through debt management

Easy access to loans, credit cards and other “pay later” facilities have led to the proliferation of debt ridden Americans. In most cases, debt is necessary but for some people it has gotten out of hand to the point that the only way out is to file for bankruptcy. If you begin spending way out of your means and your debt goes on a spiral you will need some financial counseling and learn more about debt management.

Pay Debts Over Time

Debt Management 101If you know that you have a large debt that has spiraled out of control, you need to sit down and examine exactly how much you owe your creditors. This is the time to really tighten your belt so to speak and come up with a debt management plan that will allow you to pay it over time.

Sell some Stuff

selling some of your stuff for your debt managementMaybe there are things in your house that you do not need anymore. Why not sell some of the stuff to free up some cash so you can pay off your bills. Jewelry, electronics and furniture can shave some off the top so you can at least pay on time.

Cooperate with Creditors

Most folks when they hear that their creditors are looking for them tend to avoid them like the plague. Truth is, creditors would rather get something than totally nothing at all from their clients and are more than likely going to offer a restructuring plan to help pay your bills on time. Talk to them and discuss how you can decrease monthly payments as well as the interest rate. Just make sure you keep your end of the bargain.

Live Within Your Financial Capability

Pay your debt as soon as you can is one of ways to debt managementPeople tend to swipe their credit cards or impulse buy because they think they will have enough cash to keep them afloat. Sadly, they realize that they have too many expenses already so the debts just keep rising up. It is vital that you live within your means. If you find out that you spend more than you can actually pay each month, there is a problem.

Talk to a Credit Counselor About Debt Management

Credit counselors can provide excellent advice on how to curtail your debts effectively and manage it so that you can pay a practical sum each month. Speak to a professional credit counselor  just like Consumer Credit of Minnesota today to know more about your options.

Causes of Car Vibration

Car Tire Causing Vibration

Car vibration is probably one of the annoying situations you could ever have while driving your car. Not only is it distracting, it points to an actual problem with your car.  Due to the fact that there are a lot of moving parts in a vehicle, determining the cause of a vehicle’s vibration can be frustrating at times. Here are some of the most common causes of car vibration.

Worn out U-Joint

According to tune up car experts, the u-joints connect the driveshaft to the transmission and rear axle yokes.  In the event that they wear out they tend to become loose and as a result, the driveshaft moves around in the yokes. This movement causes the vehicle to vibrate when the car is operating at high speeds.

Imbalanced Wheels

An improperly balanced wheel is when one area of the wheel becomes heavier than the rest. The result? An uneven centrifugal force in the wheel as its speed increases which leads to vibration. Weights that are used to balance the wheel tend to fall off resulting to an imbalanced wheel, uneven tire wear and vibration.

Poor Driveline Alignment

According to tire repair specialists, if a car has its ride height adjusted by lowering or raising the suspension components, the driveline can become misaligned in the process. The wrong angles in the u-joints causes the car to vibrate during driving.

Faulty Engine Supports

The function of motor mounts or the engine support is it secures the motor within the frame of the car. When this breaks, they no longer hold the engine securely and it then moves around resulting in various parts of the motor getting into contact with the frame resulting in vibration. A broken motor mount also results in loud banging or clunking sounds when the car is placed into gear.